Big Country - Steeltown (CD) Big Country - Steeltown (CD)

Big Country - Steeltown (CD)

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Sons of men who stand like gods
We give life to feed the cause
And run to ground our heathen foe
Our name will never die, this time will be forever

The second album by Big Country! This CD edition includes all the album single B-sides as bonus tracks.


Track listing

  1. Flame of the West
  2. East of Eden
  3. Steeltown
  4. Where the Rose Is Sown
  5. Come Back to Me
  6. Tall Ships Go
  7. Girl with Grey Eyes
  8. Rain Dance
  9. The Great Divide
  10. Just a Shadow
  11. Bass Dance Bonus
  12. Belief In The Small Man Bonus
  13. Prairie Rose Bonus
  14. Wonderland (Extended) Bonus
  15. Winter Sky Bonus


Beyond any analysis, Big Country is a group that has met the test of its second outing with a record that ends up exultant, and healing, by never forgetting to dance. "Where will we find the newborn year,"Adamson asks in ending "Rain Dance" with a characteristic howl, "as the winter crashes down?" - 4/5