Bikini Kill - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (2014 Reissue) (LP) Bikini Kill - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (2014 Reissue) (LP)

Bikini Kill - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (2014 Reissue) (LP)

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Bikini Kill

Formed 1990 in Olympia, Washington, United States

Side A of Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah was originally released in 1993 as the BK side of their split record with the UK's HUGGY BEAR, to kick off their legendary co-headlining tour of the UK in March of that year. The tracks were recorded in their Washingon DC basement practice space on a 4 track reel to reel in 1992 by Tim Green (NATION OF ULYSSES, THE FUCKING CHAMPS).

Side B features seven songs either recorded live at shows during that era or at BIKINI KILL practices.

The LP also includes new photos and liner notes from David Feck (COMET GAIN), Erin Smith (BRATMOBILE), and from the band themselves. The LP was mastered by TJ Lipple and Bob Weston.

Bonus tracks include George Bush is a Pig, a No Trend style blitz with Billy Karen on vocals; and Girl Solider, a creeping No Wave attack.


Track listing

  1. White Boy
  2. This is Not a Test
  3. Don't Need You
  4. Jigsaw Youth
  5. Resist Psychic Death
  6. Rebel Girl
  7. Outta Me
  8. George Bush is a Pig Bonus
  9. I Busted in Your Chevy Window Bonus
  10. Get Out Bonus
  11. Why Bonus
  12. Fuck Twin Peaks Bonus
  13. Girl Soldier Bonus
  14. Not Right Now Bonus


The dominant Y-chromosomes of punk's DNA would not change on their own - the canon of Black Flag and Ramones, the degenerate gigs of macho-ritual where dudes went to get spat on. Imagine the air sucked from a room. The window has no handle. The door has no knob. The only option is to smash through and breathe. That was Bikini Kill, busting barriers in a way no one had. - 4/5