Black Flag - The First Four Years (CD)

Black Flag - The First Four Years (CD)

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Early Black Flag compilation collectings songs from Nervous Breakdown, Jealous Again, Six Pack, Cracks in the Sidewalk (comp), Chunks (comp) and the Louie Louie single.


Track listing

  1. Nervous Breakdown
  2. Fix Me
  3. I've Had It
  4. Wasted
  5. Jealous Again
  6. Revenge
  7. White Minority
  8. No Values
  9. You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You!
  10. Clocked In
  11. Six Pack
  12. I've Heard It Before
  13. American Waste
  14. Machine
  15. Louie Louie
  16. Damaged I


Not simply for completists, this is an important recording of the then-burgeoning L.A. hardcore scene. - 5/5