Black Flame - Imperivm (CD)

Black Flame - Imperivm (CD)

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Italian black metal released by Forces of Satan (run by Infernus of GORGOROTH).


Track listing

  1. Reqviem
  2. Imperivm
  3. Ad Infera
  4. Lvdvs Dianae
  5. The Other Face Ov Hell
  6. Black Svn Theory
  7. Apocalyptic Zero
  8. The Secret Ov Lapis Manalis


Definitely varied and the great thing is that nothing on here sounds contrived, the band taking great care to let the songs develop naturally, something that gives each riff and tempo change that much more gravitas. Hell, for a debut effort this surely packs quite a punch, so I guess it was quite a coup for Infernus to sign these guys. Already one of my favorite Black Metal albums of the year - horns up!! - 4/5