Black Pestilence - Vice (Cassette) Black Pestilence - Vice (Cassette)

Black Pestilence - Vice (Cassette)

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Savage black metal / noise / punk from Canada on pro-tape.


Track listing

  1. Liberty Chants the Scriptures of Satan
  2. Vomit Upon the Scum of Society
  3. The Unworthy
  4. Desirable Calamity
  5. Eternal
  6. Antipathy for Otiose Flesh
  7. Raping the Brides of Christ
  8. Revenge Ayn Sof
  9. For The Punx (The Casualties cover)


For those of you that like your music to sound like a petrol tanker crashing into an inner city riot in full fling, look no further. What a mess. What a glorious fucking mess. - 5/5