Black Seas of Infinity - Hieros-Gamos (Digipak CD)

Black Seas of Infinity - Hieros-Gamos (Digipak CD)

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Consisting of 4 compositions glorifying the marriage of gods and men. It is the dissemination of the secret art as bequeathed unto mankind by the fallen...In magnificent copulations the mysteries are revealed... All of the explorations on this release are accompanied by live ritual invocations. As many claim to perform "Ritual ambient: this is true ritual ambient in every sense of the word, as it is actual ritual and will transform the consciousness of the listener. Re-creating the ritual, unlocking the ophidian energies to manifest upon each listen... The fallen will arise...4 songs clocking in over 70 minutes....true ritualistic music! 4-panal digi-cd that comes with a 16 page booklet. Limited to 1,000 copies!


Track listing

  1. Iblis Hiwwah Kassia
  2. All Hail the Procession of Masks
  3. I Hu Tubalo
  4. Thy Secret Shall Stain the Heart of the Ekstasis (Aleim Edam)