Black Witchery - Inferno of Sacred Destruction (CD)

Black Witchery - Inferno of Sacred Destruction (CD)

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Includes bonus DVD featuring BLACK WITCHERY live in Helsinki!

In 2001, BLACK WITCHERY decimated an unsuspecting scene with their Desecration of the Holy Kingdom debut. Four years later came another strategic strike against the weak 'n' false with Upheaval of Satanic Might. Now, as anticipation reaches a fever pitch, BLACK WITCHERY return to claim their crown as the unrivalled masters of unrepentantly barbaric blackdeath with Inferno of Sacred Destruction. More caustic, close-minded, and crushing than ever, this unholy black / death speed trinity create an unholy conflagration guaranteed to devour and destroy even the most battle-hardened underground warrior - witness the Inferno of Sacred Destruction! Recommended for maniacs of BLASPHEMY, ARCHGOAT, REVENGE.


Track listing

  1. Holocaustic Church Devastation
  2. Antichrist Order of Holy Death
  3. Apocalyptic Carnage
  4. Barbarism Domination
  5. Inferno of Sacred Destruction
  6. Kingdom Against Kingdom (Conqueror cover)
  7. Sepulchral Witchcraft
  8. Ascension of the Obscure Moon


...the three guys - who have been together since 1997 - are back in business and it's the best you can get if you're a follower of Ross Bay scene. All praise the goat! - 4/5