Blackhorned Saga - Setan (CD)

Blackhorned Saga - Setan (CD)

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Polish black/death metal.


Track listing

  1. Glos zaglady
  2. Jestem, ktory jestem
  3. Dziedzictwo Samaela
  4. Spisane nasieniem i krwia
  5. Proklamacja boskosci
  6. Kielich goryczy
  7. Wyznanie upadlego aniola
  8. Czarnorogi aniol nieskonczonosci
  9. Wojna wszystkich ze wszystkimi


At times they sound a bit like early MARDUK while others they have a strange sound which reminds of a very raw and almost warlike Metal version of DISSECTION... Still, there are quite interesting things here, the more Death Metal sound, which is a bit BOLT THROWER-ish gives them an interesting sound, especially in mid tempo songs. Fans of bands like DIOCLETIAN and similar styled units, will surely need to check this out! - 5/5