Blacklodge - Machination (Digipak CD)

Blacklodge - Machination (Digipak CD)

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Psycho Active Satan Level IV
Digipak edition with mini poster limited to the first pressing.

Alchemistic industrial black metal madness!
For fans of: Aborym, Mysticum, Blut Aus Nord.

BLACKLODGE are entering a new dimension of mechanical insanity with their fourth album MachinatioN. The French alchemistic explorers stand at the fiery crossroads of innovative audacity in extreme music creation and rigorous research in dark psychodelic mysticism. BLACKLODGE was conceived by vocalist, guitarist and programmer Saint Vincent and released the debut Login:SataN in 2003. This pioneering mix of electronic industrial beats and the blackest of Metal sounds gained them immediate attention. Braving new horizons of avant-garde technological abuse, BLACKLODGE returned with their second full-length SolarKult in 2006 recorded at the notorious Necromorbus Studios (WATAIN, DESTROYER 666) and a split-album with ABIGOR called T/ME (2010). Now MachinatioN, again mixed and mastered at Necromorbus, reveals HIS truth with new heaviness and uncanny catchy power.


Track listing

  1. TridenT
  2. NeutroN ShivA [Sun, Walk with Me!]
  3. Neo.Black.Magic
  4. Industrial Temple MysticA
  5. Antichrist Ex Machina
  6. Order of the Baphomet
  7. Empire's Hymn
  8. All Seeing Eye
  9. Culto al Sol [SolarKult]
  10. The Other Side


As far as sub-genres go, industrial black metal doesn't have a whole lot of flag bearers, and Blacklodge is a welcome and necessary addition to the roster. If black metal purists can get over their elitism long enough to give it a listen, and industrial or techno fans can learn to deal with harsh vocals and heavier songs, both camps could find a new favorite in MachinatioN. - 4/5