Blakagir - Carpathian Art of Sin (Digipak CD)

Blakagir - Carpathian Art of Sin (Digipak CD)

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Epic neo classical and pagan ambient from L.O.N. (HELLVETO, NEOHERESY).

10 tracks and close to 50 minutes worth of enchanting melodies with haunting dark wave orchestral works. CD comes in a 8 panel digipak created by L.O.N. himself. Neoclassical dark ambience designed for eternal war cries!


Track listing

  1. Last Day Before Execution
  2. Cross on Your Path?
  3. Mystery from Grave
  4. Typhoon of Sins
  5. My Nymph
  6. Voices Before Battle
  7. And Ashes...
  8. March of Spirits
  9. Like Fire and Steel
  10. After...


This is as skillful as instrumental Opeth, and as beautiful as Hagalaz Runedance. - 5/5