Blasphemous Putrefaction - Prelude to Perversion (Digipak CD)

Blasphemous Putrefaction - Prelude to Perversion (Digipak CD)

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First exposed on the Abominable Premonition demo in 2017 and excreted again on the Festering Plagues EP two years later, their music takes the most disgusting elements of death/doom and cult bands like (very early) INCANTATION or PUNGENT STENCH and smear them in pus and excrements. And to say that things sound as nasty, if even more, on their first proper full-length Prelude To Perversion is an understatement. The most impressive fact though about this foul aural document is that it was over a year in the making as the pair had to go through no less than three different studios before getting the right mix and master. Actually, what’s most striking about Prelude is that unlike most of all the other war metal combos at there, BLASPHEMOUS PUTREFACTION took the opposite sonically wise. Whereas the songs are on purpose adorned with rough arrangements and slimy parts, instead of the awaited lo-fi fuzzy sound, the listeners are instantly assaulted by a massive and powerful production, thus enhancing their bestial nature instead of taming it. From their moniker to the album’s straight-forward artwork or its bludgeoning musical content, BLASPHEMOUS PUTREFACTION makes no mystery on what they’re all about. And Prelude To Perversion is their manifesto of hate.


Track listing

  1. Prelude to Perversion
  2. Necromantic
  3. Blasphemous Ritual
  4. Epidemic
  5. Sacrifice for the Dead
  6. Blooddrunk Skeleton
  7. Leprous and Cancerous
  8. Splattered
  9. Return to Chaos