Bloodphemy - Blood Sacrifice (Gold Edition) (LP)

Bloodphemy - Blood Sacrifice (Gold Edition) (LP)

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Steamrolling and rumbling death metal. Drawing influence from Florida, Sweden, and their heritage, BLOODPHEMY distinguish themselves with aggressive death metal mixing modern and classic styles. This is particularly true in their fourth studio album, Blood Sacrifice. Cavernous deep roaring vocals, heavy slow crawling dirges and up-tempo psychotic slaughtering providing heavy listening that hits you in the chest and to bang your skull heavy!


Track listing

  1. Last Cry for Humanity
  2. House of Souls
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Sin
  5. Flock of Lambs
  6. Revelation
  7. Conviction
  8. Bloodborne
  9. In Cold Blood
  10. Righteous Solitude
  11. Derogated Salvation