Blurr Thrower - Les voutes (Digipak CD)

Blurr Thrower - Les voutes (Digipak CD)

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Taking shape from personal neurosis, fears and anxiety, BLURR THROWER aims to exhume the secret ether from the meandering of the human soul. The project offers the listener a journey in its diegesis through long tracks composed with hypnotics and nagging riffs. Deeply inspired by Cascadian black metal - with bands such as WEAKLING, FELL VOICES, ASH BORER, TIME LURKER, PARAMNESIA - BLURR THROWER tries to respect the legacy of a crepuscular black metal, loaded with occultism, to which the French scene contributed a lot.


Track listing

  1. Cachot
  2. Germes Vermeils
  3. Fanes
  4. Amnios