Blut aus Nord - Disharmonium: Undreamable Abysses (Splatter Edition) (LP)

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The tide turns once again. From tumultuous oceanic depths French legend BLUT AUS NORD erupts onland in all its singular dissonant glory: be-tentacled, malformed, accursed, fearsome. Following up the purported 'new era' of melodicism ushered in by 2019's lauded Hallucinogen, new work Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses finds the leaders-in-perpetuity of avant-garde industrialised black metal compelled to reassume their rightful throne, crowning nigh-on 28 years of consistency with seven mesmerising tracks of bleakly-maximalist harmonic unease. Comparable to naught except BLUT AUS NORD, the inimitable leads, eroded melodies and uncanny vocal textures of Disharmonium ooze and uncoil, leeching into vast hyper-skilled rhythmic structures which traverse sea-mountains of madness towards lightless echelons far beyond comprehension. The reflexive darkness we all demand. The Order of Outer Sounds.


Track listing

  1. Chants of the Deep Ones
  2. Tales of the Old Dreamer
  3. Into the Woods
  4. Neptune's Eye
  5. That Cannot Be Dreamed
  6. Keziah Mason
  7. The Apotheosis of the Unnamable