Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law (2011 Reissue) (LP)

Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law (2011 Reissue) (LP)

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The Bolt Thrower or "Spear Chukka" as it is fondly known by Orcish Generals throughout the Known World, is a powerful weapon, capable of bringing death and destruction down on the heads of your enemies with 'monolithic, pile driving force...'
Funnily enough, tha's exactly how those discerning fellows at SOUND music paper described the band, as well as, 'all out holocaust noise merchants.'
Coming loosely under the banner of Thrash Metal, BOLT THROWER have been together for around two years. Through constant gigging, maining in the North of England, BOLT THROWER have gained a devoted following, and a reputation for the acoustic reproduction of total grinding death.
Karl (vocals), Baz (guitars), Jo (Bass) and Whale (drums) create an incessand remorseless wall of frantic energy, the lyrics invoking a painful vision of a dark future. Through listening to the likes of Discharge, Slayer, and Carcass (to name but a few), Bolt Thrower have evolved a sound all of their own, devoid of subtlety or charm, where noise, power and speed are everything.
The imagery evoked by BOLT THROWER is indeed reminiscent of the despair and hopelessness present in the black reality of WARHAMMER 40,000. Not surprisingly, the band are avid players of Games Workshop games, the favourites being BLOOD BOWL and CHAINSAW WARRIOR. The name BOLT THROWER actually came from reading White Dwarf, and the artwork on the sleeve of the first album In Battle There Is No Law, has a distinct Warhammer flavour to it.
Future plans include a 10 date British tour in November, the imminent release on vinyl of the very successful BOLT THROWER Peel sessions as well as gigs in Europe, Ireland and eventually the entire Known World.


Track listing

  1. In Battle There Is No Law
  2. Challenge for Power
  3. Forgotten Existence
  4. Denial of Destiny
  5. Blind to Defeat
  6. Concession of Pain
  7. Attack in the Aftermath
  8. Psychological Warfare
  9. Nuclear Annihilation


You simply can't make music any heavier than this. - 5/5