Bolt Thrower - War Master (CD) Bolt Thrower - War Master (CD)

Bolt Thrower - War Master (CD)

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BOLT THROWER's killer third album!!


Track listing

  1. Intro... Unleashed (Upon Mankind)
  2. What Dwells Within
  3. The Shreds of Sanity
  4. Profane Creation
  5. Destructive Infinity
  6. Final Revelation
  7. Cenotaph
  8. War Master
  9. Rebirth of Humanity
  10. Afterlife


Although it may be difficult to pick a favorite out of all these superb tracks, "What Dwells Within" would have to be this writer's pick for the best song off "War Master". The main riff is heavily evocative of a low-tuned Slayer, but instead of the hyperspeed, punk-influenced beats of "Reign in Blood", the drum pattern is crushingly slow, with lots of double-bass that's as heavy as a war hammer smashing into one's foe. The skull-fracturing riffs do not relent throughout the course of the song, even as the track alternated between slow and faster beats. While this song should be seen as a highlight, all of the material on "War Master" is of a consistently high level of quality, much like the rest of Bolt Thrower's output.. - 5/5