Bolverkstorm - Nine Steps to Death (CD)

Bolverkstorm - Nine Steps to Death (CD)

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BOLVERKSTORM, a new russian industrial project. 9 Steps to Death is dedicaded to World War II and all those who perished. The album consists of 8 tracks, each of them about the tragedy of soldiers death and their acts of bravery. The music of BOLVERKSTORM is create from the hum of battles, archival records, blustering soundscapes, noises, groans, wardrums and trumpets.


Track listing

  1. Der Wille Zum Sieg
  2. Human - Element
  3. Tod
  4. Crows
  5. Glowing Winter
  6. Devastation
  7. Po Kostyam Bessmertnych
  8. 9 Steps To Death