Bombs of Hades - The Serpent's Redemption (CD)

Bombs of Hades - The Serpent's Redemption (CD)

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Reinstated once again for the group's sophomore effort, The Serpent's Redemption is unquestionably BOMBS OF HADES' most converging and macabre-coated album in their career. Comprising of present and past members from THE CROWN, GOD MACABRE, ABHOTH, UTUMNO amongst others, the blasphemy-brigade that is BOMBS OF HADES will crush and rape all holy souls decimating everything in its path!


Track listing

  1. Crawl Away and Bleed Forever
  2. Darkness, My Soul
  3. Burn
  4. The Serpent's Redemption
  5. Forgotten in Graves
  6. Incubus Descending
  7. Skull Collector
  8. Scorched Earth


...a fantastic album to scoop up. Bombs of Hades has enjoyed a sizeable amount of groundswell ever since they burst onto the scene and it's now only a matter of time before these guys start to really come into their own and garner much more success and exposure. If they continue to create albums as powerful as this one, Bombs of Hades can easily fit onto the next generation Mount Rushmore of Swedish death metal, as well as the annals of Swedish metal history. - 5/5