Breath - Primeval Transmissions (CD)

Breath - Primeval Transmissions (CD)

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The debut album from BREATH. This is meditative doom. It’s heavy. It's relaxing. It rules. The music is informed by adventures leaving the comforts of what was known behind. Going into unknown woods sometimes figuratively and some literal. With heavy melodically driven grooves their meditation doom will take you to secluded caves, and totemic vision quests. A psychedelic journey delivered by thunderous bass and explosive drums. Meditative doom metal creating a sense of forward momentum that builds. FFO: OM, GRAILS, YOB, and SLEEP.


Track listing

  1. Evocation
  2. Dwarka
  3. Observer
  4. Battle for Harmonic Balance / Halls of Amenti
  5. Evocation (reprise)


I absolutely adore this album and I was not disappointed. If you’re a fan of SLEEP, OM and YOB then BREATH is the perfect band for you to embrace and became a fan of. Primeval Transmissions is a thrilling, deeply spiritual and epic sounding album that should be an essential part of your record collection. - 5/5