Brejn Dedd - Ugly Songs (1988-1993: The 30th Anniversary Album) (2CD)

Brejn Dedd - Ugly Songs (1988-1993: The 30th Anniversary Album) (2CD)

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Cult rare demos from the original band with It (ABRUPTUM, WAR, VONDUR, OPHTHALAMIA), Dan Swanö and Michael Bohlin! This 2-disc set collects:
Born Ugly (Demo, 1989 - which was itself a collection of old and new material)
Uglü Tapes (Demo, 1988)
The Ugly Family (Demo, 1991)
And loads of other rare material: unreleased and rehearsal songs, an unused live show introduction song, full live show in Finspång, 12 December 1988!

A tribute to Tony "IT" Särkkä (1972-2017). One of the very first Swedish extreme metal bands, formed by scene legends such as Dan Swanö, Tony "It" Särkkä, Michael Bohlin and others. For the first time ever the demos are officially released and bonus tracks added. All music carefully restored, mixed and compiled by Michael Bohlin; mastered by Dan Swanö at infamous Unisound Studios. A double album presenting the complete works from the birth to death of Brëjn Dëdd, including extensive liner notes by Dan Swanö and Michael Bohlin.


Track listing

  1. Mizter Ugly
  2. Ugly Gay
  3. Ugly Cop
  4. Born Ugly
  5. Ugly Coffin
  6. Ugly Brain
  7. Ugly Noise
  8. Ugly Hitler
  9. Ugly Sportsfreak
  10. Ugly Defence
  11. U.G.L.Y.
  12. Ugly Gummignu
  13. Are You Ugly?
  14. Ugly
  15. Deadly Ugly
  16. Ugly Gung-Ho
  17. Ugly Outro
  18. Ugly Hate
  19. Ugly Virgin Balklad
  20. Ugly Brain
  21. Ugly Coffin
  22. Born Ugly
  23. Ugly Sportsfreak
  24. To Be Ugly
  25. Ugly Brain Dead
  26. Ugly Hitler
  27. Ugly War
  28. Ugly Virgin Ballad
  29. Ugly Brain Dead
  30. Ugly Live Intro
  31. Ugly War
  32. Ugly Virgin Ballad
  33. Are You Ugly?
  34. Deadly Ugly
  35. Mizter Ugly
  36. Are You Ugly? (Live)
  37. Ugly Brain (Live)
  38. Ugly Coffin (Live)
  39. Ugly Cop (Live)
  40. Ugly (Live)
  41. U.G.L.Y. (Live)
  42. Mizter Ugly (Live)
  43. Ugly Noise (Live)
  44. Deadly Ugly (Live)
  45. Ugly Seek and Destroy (Live)
  46. Ugly Gung-Ho (Live)
  47. Ugly Silence II (Radio Edit)