Brobdingnagian - TortureStainedDisaster (CD)

Brobdingnagian - TortureStainedDisaster (CD)

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Possibly their most demented effort yet, BROBDINGNAGIAN's new MCD TortureStainedDisaster is an insidious crawl through four loathsome tracks of the most nauseating order. Be it vile, pain-fuelled black metal or pensive expermentation with the sounds of the bleating masses, each song is guranteed to bring a new kind mind-tearing agony to the listener. Lose the remaining shreds of your sanity to the wretched, lunatic screaming vocals, the labyrinthine guitar work and the constant prescence of a warping, clawing shroud of appalling noise.


Track listing

  1. Smeared Faces in the Ruins
  2. Harvester of Disease
  3. TortureStainedDisaster
  4. Poison Tongue // Bloody Throat