Broken Bones - Fuck You and All You Stand For (CD)

Broken Bones - Fuck You and All You Stand For (CD)

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The most recent album from legendary hardcore / crossover band BROKEN BONES - formed in 1983 by brothers Bones and Tezz after leaving DISCHARGE. Their debut Dem Bones (and of course all their work in DISCHARGE) was a big influence on early thrash (Bay Area, VOIVOD and many others)!


Track listing

  1. Death by Demand
  2. Enemy Within
  3. I.E.D.
  4. Persecution
  5. Hell is for Heroes
  6. Minimum Wage
  7. House of Frauds
  8. Stop em Now
  9. Torture
  10. Downfall
  11. Brainwashed
  12. Seeing Through My Eyes
  13. Fuck Off and Die
  14. Wealth Rules
  15. Liquidated Brains