Burial Hordes - 12 Years of War and Revenge (CD)

Burial Hordes - 12 Years of War and Revenge (CD)

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12 years anniversary compilation. Brutal black metal with a death-oozing aura performed the old school way. BURIAL HORDES was formed in 2001 and released two albums on Pulverised Records among other works. The band consists of founding member Necro (ENSHADOWED), Psychaos (DEAD CONGREGATION) & Cthonos (ex-RAVENCULT). 21 tracks, 75 minutes, 20-page booklet with liner notes, releases' pictures, old interviews.


Track listing

  1. Blasphemic Apocalyptic Terror
  2. Odium
  3. Die Human Scum (This Means You)
  4. Infernal Necromancers
  5. God's Cutthroat
  6. Bloodpainted Vortex
  7. Serpent's Malediction
  8. Praise the Bloodcode of Hatred
  9. Devotion to Unholy Creed
  10. Splendid Destruction
  11. Aeons of Hell
  12. Burial Hordes
  13. Marching to Death
  14. Bestial Bloodwar
  15. Submission to Eternal Pain
  16. Mors Luminis
  17. Centuries of Lies
  18. Purify the World
  19. Imminent Eclipse
  20. Beyond Thy Mortal Sphere
  21. Glorious Inferno