Butterfly Temple - The Times of Mara (Время Мары) (2008 Reissue) (CD)

Butterfly Temple - The Times of Mara (Время Мары) (2008 Reissue) (CD)

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BUTTERFLY TEMPLE can be credited to a large extent with igniting the current explosion of Russian pagan metal, which began in the early to mid 2000's.
They formed in 1995 and released a number of demos, but really found their sound on the 1999 debut album Veles. One of Russia's largest labels signed them shortly after and their influence spread immediately.

The Times of Mara was originally released May 19th 2005, this is a 2008 European re-issue preserving the original texts in a 20 page booklet. Guests include Manni Schmidt of GRAVE DIGGER and members of OLGA DZUSOVA and CATHARSIS.


Track listing

  1. Чертоги безмолвия / Неба слеза
  2. Волчий пастырь
  3. Песнь вольных ветров
  4. Вспомни забвения свет
  5. Время Мары
  6. Ночью хладом, лунным светом...
  7. Коловорот
  8. Возвращение
  9. Тризна
  10. Подруга


...only Time of Mara provides as much consistent mastery of folk metal. You will not be hearing an album full of accordions or flutes, these only appear occasionally, but instead this album is more progressive folk metal in the vein of Vintersorg. - 5/5