Cadaveric Incubator - Nightmare Necropolis (LP)

Cadaveric Incubator - Nightmare Necropolis (LP)

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Comprising veterans of the Finnish underground, CADAVERIC INCUBATOR's history stretches back to 2004. While the band would deliver a demo and three-way split CD the next year, they broke up in 2007, only to re-form in 2014 with a renewed lineup and a renewed purpose: bury the listener under miles of garbage and grime, sewage and sickness.

Now, following a couple split 7"s in 2018, CADAVERIC INCUBATOR return to uphold that very same banner, uglier and more morally bereft than ever: Nightmare Necropolis, the band's second full-length. Thankfully, little has changed in their worldview the past four years since the release of that debut album, and CADVERIC INCUBATOR are all the better for it. The disgusting, old-school influences remain - early CARCASS, REPULSION, early XYSMA, MORTICIAN, BLOOD, and early DISGORGE MEXICO, among others - but an emphasis has ever so subtly been placed on catchier songwriting here. With the pummeling (and well-timed) d-beats being more pronounced in that songwriting, there's a none-too-inconspicuous AUTOPSY element across Nightmare Necropolis...and lo and behold, the band got THE Eric Cutler of AUTOPSY to contribute a solo on "Frenzied Hatred"! Likewise, with an album title like Nightmare Necropolis, there's a decidedly darker aspect to CADAVERIC INCUBATOR this time around, making their raw, filthy brutality hit that much harder.

You want total death? Then total death is what you get! Enter CADAVERIC INCUBATOR's Nightmare Necropolis...if you dare!


Track listing

  1. World Necrosis
  2. Blood Lust
  3. Necropolis
  4. Sarcophagidae
  5. Sickly Obsessed
  6. Through the Flesh
  7. Frenzied Hatred
  8. Coffin Defiler