Caina - Christ Clad in White Phosphorus (Digipak CD)

Caina - Christ Clad in White Phosphorus (Digipak CD)

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Constantly evolving since the project's inception in 2004, 2016 sees CAЇNA branching out into even further sonic reaches with Christ Clad in White Phosphorus. On this album the core unit of Andy Curtis-Brignell and Laurence Taylor is augmented by contributions from the members of London's Warren Schoenbright and Dwid Hellion from the legendary INTEGRITY performing as Vermapyre. 2015's Setter of Unseen Snares told the story of the end of the world. A blend of ruthless black metal, cold industrial and terrifying dark-ambient, Christ Clad in White Phosphorus takes you beyond the apocalypse and into the belly of a dystopian hell we already live in.


Track listing

  1. Oildrenched and Geartorn
  2. Torture Geometry
  3. Fumes of God
  4. The Throat of the World
  5. Gazing on the Quantum Megalith
  6. God's Tongue as an Ashtray
  7. Entartete Kunst
  8. Pillars of Salt
  9. The Promise of Youth
  10. Extraordinary Grace
  11. Christ Clad in White Phosphorus