Caina - Setter of Unseen Snares (CD)

Caina - Setter of Unseen Snares (CD)

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Formed in 2004 initially as the solo project of Andrew Curtis-Brignell, CAINA is ever-evolving, never content. Discarding traditional conceptions of genre and the 'band' and having worked with members of bands as varied as KRIEG, REVENGE, HATEFUL ABANDON and more, CAINA in 2015 is a dynamic collective centred around the core group of multi-instrumentalist Curtis-Brignell, vocalist Laurence Taylor and bassist Fraser Samson. Curtis-Brignell returned to the project's roots in black metal with 2015's Setter of Unseen Snares. Now active for over a decade and currently preparing a new full length for 2016 in addition to several collaborative projects and tours, Caina plans to bring their apocalyptic visions of fury and beauty to more people than ever before.


Track listing

  1. Introduction
  2. I Am the Flail of the Lord
  3. Setter of Unseen Snares
  4. Vowbound
  5. Applicant / Supplicant
  6. Orphan