Cancer - Spirit in Flames (2022 Reissue) (CD)

Cancer - Spirit in Flames (2022 Reissue) (CD)

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In 2005 the UK death metal supremos were back... Following huge success in the early nineties, when the band were one of the few death metal acts that could claim Major Label success, signed to East West. CANCER came back stronger than ever with a blend of renewed angst and energy and a healthy dose of the traditional trade marks of the band of classic riffs and strong hooks! This is a must for all CANCER and extreme metal fans alike!


Track listing

  1. Insides Out
  2. Mindless Reactions
  3. Spirit in Flames
  4. Hell House
  5. Solar Prophecy
  6. Devil's Playground
  7. Fistula
  8. Seance
  9. Ouija