Carpathian Forest - Strange Old Brew (2007 Reissue) (CD)

Carpathian Forest - Strange Old Brew (2007 Reissue) (CD)

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Includes bonus track "He's Turning Blue" from the 2000 7".

CARPATHIAN FOREST formed in Norway in 1990. They began their recording career with the cult demo Bloodlust & Perversion in 1992, then their debut official release appeared in 1995, with the Through Chasm, Caves And Titan Woods EP. Originally released in 2000, Strange Old Brew is the second album by the ever-uncompromising Norwegians. It was recorded at Sound Suite Studios, produced & mixed by Terje Refsnes (TRISTANIA, GEHENNA, SIRENIA). Considered a cult black metal release, the album deals with dark themes of death & suicide, introducing stronger atmospherics alongside their trademark brand of raw black metal mixed with inspiration from the 80's black metal scene & rock / punk genres. The band notably features the controversial mainman Nattefrost. Also appearing on Strange Old Brew is Tchort on bass, a familiar name from his previous work with EMPEROR's debut album and acts such as GREEN CARNATION. CARPATHIAN FOREST remain one of the leading names from the infamous Scandinavian black metal scene.


Track listing

  1. Intro - Damnation Chant
  2. Bloodcleansing
  3. Mask of the Slave
  4. Martyr / Sacrificulum
  5. Thanatology
  6. The Suicide Song
  7. House of the Whipcord
  8. Cloak of Midnight
  9. Return of the Freezing Winds
  10. Theme from Nekromantikk
  11. The Good Old Enema Treatment
  12. He's Turning Blue