Cathedral - Anniversary (2CD) Cathedral - Anniversary (2CD)

Cathedral - Anniversary (2CD)

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2 CD set recorded at their twentieth anniversary concert, Dec 3rd 2011.


Track listing

  1. Picture of Beauty and Innocence
  2. Comiserating the Celebration
  3. Ebony Tears
  4. Serpent Eve
  5. Soul Sacrifice
  6. A Funeral Request
  7. Equilibrium
  8. Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain
  9. Funeral of Dreams
  10. Enter the Worms
  11. Upon Azrael's Wings
  12. Midnight Mountain
  13. Cosmic Funeral
  14. Carnival Bizarre
  15. Night of the Seagulls
  16. Corpsecycle
  17. Ride
  18. The Last Spire pt.1
  19. Vampire Sun 1
  20. Hopkins (Witchfinder General)


This is easily one of my top picks for 2011. I've been waiting for a great live album all year and this fucking delivers! The curtain may be coming to a close for Cathedral in 2012, but this is a fitting eulogy. - 5/5