Cauldron Black Ram - Slubberdegullion (CD)

Cauldron Black Ram - Slubberdegullion (CD)

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Heavy Southern death metal, old school Aussie metal featuring members of MOURNFUL CONGRAGATION and MISERY'S OMEN.

The cauldron black legion emerged from belching tar pits, mid-1996, bringing with them the heaviest, most foreboding metal to inspire the hearts & ears of the parched underground scene. The brutality of the bands sound is based on heavy as hell sludgey, slower death metal riffs.
The band consists of members from STARGAZER, MARTIRE, and PORTAL.


Track listing

  1. Seadog Assassins
  2. Black Market Trade of Whore and Blade
  3. Blunderbuss
  4. Rats
  5. Satanic Whores in Bestial Brothels
  6. Haphazard Divulgence of Olde Evil
  7. Black Douglass
  8. Flee the Graven Claw
  9. The Cave


Cauldron Black Ram is a blackened death/doom metal band from Australia. This is their second record, following up their acclaimed 2004 debut, "Skulduggery." This is a supergroup of sorts, the trio being comprised of members from Portal, Mournful Congregation, and Order of The Buzzard. This is not a record if you want something that sounds modern in any way, this is primal, dirty death metal. The production on here keeps things sounding live and in the moment, while retaining a certain quality to keep everything from sounding like mud. But obviously this is a death metal record so things are kept in a very traditional sort of fashion by playing things pretty simplistically, not too technical, not too melodic, not too fast. - 4/5