Cemetery Lust - Screams of the Violated (2015 Reissue) (CD)

Cemetery Lust - Screams of the Violated (2015 Reissue) (CD)

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Hailing from the fertile Portland, Oregon scene, CEMETERY LUST perfected their style of '80s-leaning thrash/speed/death metal over the course of four demos, and then dropped the bomb that is "Screams of the Violated" as their debut album. Honoring the ancient ways without being mere retro-retread, the band nods equally to both old German thrash as they do the early San Francisco speed metal scene, as well as integrating a fair bit of South American proto-death, altogether making for a quick-hitting yet extremely catch slab of good, dark fun. Hear the "Screams of the Violated" and feed your CEMETERY LUST!


Track listing

  1. Throw the Switch
  2. Perverted Aggressor
  3. Sexual Maniac
  4. Resurrected Whore
  5. Black Angels of Hell
  6. Demonic Dementia
  7. Possessed Confessions
  8. Night of the Creep


Early Sodom, Pleasure to Kill era Kreator, a bit of early Slayer come to mind on first listens and it just rips on thru for just a tad shy of 30 mins. Which is great, come in for the kill, beat you senseless and leave you gasping at the end. It is just pure unadulterated thrashing fun. - 4/5