Centinex - Subconscious Lobotomy (2010 Reissue) (CD)

Centinex - Subconscious Lobotomy (2010 Reissue) (CD)

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Official re-release of the long out-of-print and very sought-after debut album by the legendary Swedish band, originally released back in 1992, with a whole new layout designed by Eduardo M. (Aceituna Grafica / Feretro Records) and a retro-interview to Mr. Martin Schulman himself conducted by Eduardo de Leon Alejo (Supposed To Rot 'zine). The CD will also include two of their demo tapes, namely "Under the Blackened Sky" (1993) and "Transcend the Dark Chaos" (1994), as bonus tracks for a total running time of over sixty minutes of sheer and unadulterated Swedeath.


Track listing

  1. Blood on My Skin
  2. Shadows Are Astray
  3. Dreams of Death
  4. Orgy in Flesh
  5. End of Life
  6. Bells of Misery
  7. Inhuman Dissections of Souls
  8. The Aspiration
  9. Until Death Tear Us Apart
  10. Cranial Dismemberment Bonus
  11. Only Slices Remains Bonus
  12. Torn Within Bonus
  13. Transcend the Dark Chaos Bonus
  14. Thorns of Desolation Bonus
  15. Eternal Lies Bonus
  16. At the Everlasting End Bonus