Ceremented - Chaos Mongering Degradation (Cassette)

Ceremented - Chaos Mongering Degradation (Cassette)

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Gloom Pit inaugurates itself with an intense split effort from Pittsburgh / Los Angeles based DENDRITIC ARBOR and Oakland's Infinite Waste. DENDRITIC ARBOR continue's their noise-tinged take on blackened compositions and boundary testing songwriting with two cuts (and a bonus extended noise piece ): Ishi and Snake Oil. Both are amalgamations of all disciplines of metal and blur between scene and style throughout. Tortured vocals, contorted riffing and crisp drums solidify the DA side as a creature of its own, comparable to none (much like their critically acclaimed debut, Romantic Love on Grimoire Records). CONVERGE's Kurt Ballou helmed the engineer duties to extend the brutality with Noel Mueller (of Romantic Love / Grimoire Records fame) in the guest engineer chair. Infinite Waste is a refreshing take on blackened death metal, grind, punk and anti-establishment themes; with two impeccably composed pieces recorded to perfection by Zach Ohren of Castle Ultimate Studios. The things that stand out among this Oakland, CA trio's work is their ability to flesh out crisp, accessible riffs over chaotic rhythms to truly showcase their songwriting skills and knowledge of new methods of arrangement. In Life Till Rot and Suicide Room are both disgustingly grim and vicious while retaining a humane element of protest and loss.


Track listing

  1. Reek of Pestilent Death
  2. Altars of Waste
  3. Primal Contempt
  4. Putrid Ridden Ordinance
  5. Stampeding Hooves of Pestilence
  6. Ripping Scourge
  7. Crosses of Fuck
  8. Way of Flesh