Chaos Dei - Arising from Chaos (CD)

Chaos Dei - Arising from Chaos (CD)

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From the burning ashes of HYADNINGAR, please welcome the new black metal act CHAOS DEI and its debut release Arising From Chaos. Featuring Eurynome (the mastermind of HYADNINGAR) and Turannos (HYANDINGAR & ATARAXIE), this French duo created an insane black metal strike of eight tracks. Complex and untypical song structures and unique bestial human vocals that is wrapped in an organic raw production. Almost an hour of a real black metal exception.


Track listing

  1. Metallic Heart
  2. And Your Steles Will Burn
  3. Deepless
  4. Saint Dawn
  5. A Decadent Belief
  6. Black Devotion
  7. Raped Goddess
  8. Arising from Chaos


Chaos Dei have created a very good debut that shows promise for their future. It's Exhibit Z in the case proving that the rest of the world wishes it had France's black metal scene. - 4/5