Charged GBH - Ha Ha (2016 Reissue) (Digipak CD)

Charged GBH - Ha Ha (2016 Reissue) (Digipak CD)

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New reissue of GBH's nineth album.


Track listing

  1. Ha Ha
  2. Falling Down
  3. Crush 'Em
  4. I Want To Believe
  5. Song For Cathy
  6. Sado Methodist
  7. The Unexpected
  8. Belgrade
  9. The Power of One
  10. Dustbin Rock 'n' Roll
  11. The Desire of Poverty
  12. Superhighway Robbery
  13. Flyin' High
  14. Zeal of a Convert
  15. Choice
  16. Discover the Treatment
  17. Punk Rock Ambulance


This album is typical GBH but I don't suppose any of their fans were expecting a concept LP with a full orchestra or an unexpected diversion into Trip Hop. They sound like GBH on here, not a Metal version of GBH or a UK82 version of GBH, just GBH. Fast and brutal with that level-headed and funny side to their lyrics that kept them from appearing po-faced and earnest. You always felt GBH were the Punks down at the bar, not tucked away from the unwashed hoards in a snazzy dressing room. - 4/5