Charnier - Humanicide (CD)

Charnier - Humanicide (CD)

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CHARNIER represents a death metal of extreme violence, where brutality reigns without respite. War, eradication and horror are the themes of their lyrics written entirely in French. No place for the salvation of humanity! Their influences come from bands such as IMMOLATION, KRISIUN, MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEATH, SUFFOCATION, SINISTER, ABHORRENCE, LUCIFERION... Recorded at SoundSuite Studio (DESTROYER 666, CARPATHIAN FOREST...) and mastered at Drudenhaus Studio (ANNTHENNATH...), for a relentless and devastating sound. The "mass grave" was discovered in November 2000 on the cursed lands of Provence... Now, let the pestilential miasmas of putrefaction fill the battlefield!


Track listing

  1. L'exode des dieux (Intro)
  2. L'aube purificatrice
  3. Éradication massive
  4. Haineux
  5. Démence
  6. Du sang pour Yog-Sothoth
  7. Ithaqua
  8. Le seigneur des abysses
  9. Pourfendeurs de dieux
  10. Carnage aux portes des cieux
  11. Charnier


It's heavy and crushing, dark and riff-based without any slams so to say, and that's where this album wins. It's doing everything right where making Death Metal is concerned and I don't see anyone not liking it, unless it's that thrill for extremity in terms of either brutality or technicality. Innovativeness in this genre is too hard to find anyway, so we can gladly settle for the level of Death Metal Charnier dishes out with reasonable flair. - 4/5