Christian Death - American Inquisition (Digipak CD)

Christian Death - American Inquisition (Digipak CD)

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Thirteeth studio album of the post-Rozz Williams CHRISTIAN DEATH.


Track listing

  1. Water into Wine
  2. Stop Bleeding on Me
  3. Narcissus Metamorphosis Of
  4. Victim X
  5. To Disappear
  6. Dexter Said No to Methadone
  7. Angels and Drugs
  8. Seduction Thy Destruction
  9. Worship Along the Nile
  10. See You in Hell
  11. Surviving Armageddon
  12. Last Thing
  13. XIII


American Inquisition is an intriguing listen despite its excesses, and truly die-hard Christian Death followers will find things to appreciate about this 69-minute CD even though it isn't among the band's essential releases. - 3/5