Christicide - Upheaval of the Soul (CD)

Christicide - Upheaval of the Soul (CD)

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French black metal. CHRISTICIDE's final album! 2000-2014.


Track listing

  1. Upheaval of the Soul
  2. Black Knowledge
  3. Solitude with the Devil
  4. I Was Able to Guess
  5. Demon's Breath
  6. Ominous Numinous


This is a superb sounding release from top to bottom. The most audible post production highlight hands down has got to be Ardraos' drums as every single beat that this man delivers is just pure magic. The treble extension of the cymbals will make you a true believer in digital as they are spacious and wonderfully life-like and all of his little fills and rhythmic accents never get muffled or drowned out either... a well executed slab of French black metal that sounds fantastic to boot. If you are looking for a somewhat off the beaten path black metal gem, pick Christicide's latest up, you won't be disappointed. - 4/5