Chumbawamba - Un (CD)

Chumbawamba - Un (CD)

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The 11th album by CHUMBAWAMBA.

Please note: the German label that produced this album, apparently blind to the irony, have added copy protection to this album. This is intended to stop you playing on a computer. You can work around this, search for the info before putting in the disc. Rebel Code indeed!


Track listing

  1. The Wizard of Menlo Park
  2. Just Desserts
  3. On eBay
  4. Everything You Know Is Wrong
  5. Be with You
  6. When Fine Society Sits Down to Dine
  7. A Man Walks into a Bar
  8. Buy Nothing Day
  9. Following You
  10. We Don't Want to Sing Along
  11. I Did It for Alfie
  12. Rebel Code


The music seems much more comfortable when its political and social observations are seamless with its beats and breaks. Standouts in this respect include "A Man Walks into a Bar," which is topped off with evocative Latin rhythms, but is also a clever and explosive indictment of the Cuban embargo. "Following You" is a hopeful tribute to humanizing urban space, and "Rebel Code" celebrates Linux and the Open Source Revolution. By posting missives about problems on an international scale (and using the Internet for source material), Chumbawamba has effectively moved its brand of activism into a new phase as borderless as the powers-that-be it struggles against. - 3/5