Circle of Ouroborus - Cast to the Pits (Digipak CD)

Circle of Ouroborus - Cast to the Pits (Digipak CD)

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There is no sound or remembrance
No pictures to decorate the forgotten halls
An empire stripped of life
The woods crackle with age

2010 acoustic / neo-folk / post-rock album by CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS!


Track listing

  1. Dawn Piper
  2. The Longest Wave
  3. Hear the Pulse
  4. You Are a Sleeping Ghost Like Me
  5. Between Light and Shadow
  6. Wind Rhyme
  7. Mercury Blood
  8. Remnants of a King
  9. From Chaldean Coffins


They're back to their acoustic sound, as with Venerations, creating more of a black-folk sort of sound, with it's tinge of post-punk, mostly casting out those notions of some sort of black metal. Antti has seemingly become even more confident in his ability to project emotions; his trademark groans no longer set in some "Love Will Tear Us Apart"-esque Ian Curtis. He bends and shifts with the music, as well as the occasional growls that join in, and, although it probably won't make many fans that disliked him before, it works to great advantage with the full, folk sound the band is working with here. With bright guitar passages, he has a more contemplative tone, he keeps a hush whisper in the mystic rhythms of "Wind Rhyme", and he throws an near spiteful gasp in the pounding, drum-and-chord heavy "You Are A Sleeping Ghost Like Me". Somewhere in-between a nihilistic blackness and a sanguine meadow rest Circle of Ouroborus with a sort of demonic presence. Equally menacing and inviting, there may be something to gain if you let them in, and as hypnotic they are on Cast in the Pits, it's hard to not be in a trace. - 5/5