Clint Listing - My Father, My Keeper (Digipak CD)

Clint Listing - My Father, My Keeper (Digipak CD)

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Dark ambient memories from the creator of AS ALL DIE... My Father, My Keeper was three years in the making, Clint Listing combines the sounds of post rock, ambient soundscapes, avantgarde jazz and post industrial elements. A unique and unusual release that plays the soundtrack for a mind feeling lost... embracing loss and remembering the sounds now long gone and slowly fading from memory... My Father, My Keeper will bring you the solace your mind is starving for. This release also contains a 3 song EP called "The Snow Ghost EP", this EP brings alive the ambient shadows you thought you saw in the dark... the gentle breath on the back of your neck...the face you thought you saw reflected in the window... melting the frost from the glass. Encased in an excellent looking 4-panal digipak.


Track listing

  1. A Night In Harlem
  2. My Father's Love Of Jazz
  3. Jazz Was Made By The Devil
  4. Cut Off Your Wings To Enter Heaven
  5. The Last Day's Of Originality
  6. One's Loss Of Sanity
  7. At The End Of The World
  8. Traveling The Celestial Path
  9. The Snow Ghost
  10. Simplicity In Bliss