Cloak of Altering - Plague Beasts (Digipak CD)

Cloak of Altering - Plague Beasts (Digipak CD)

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More than anything else from Mories, this stuff is closest in spirit to the malevolent necro-industrial and fractured drug-fueled machine-ecstasies of bands like ABORYM, BLACKLODGE, DODHEIMSGARD, MYSTICUM, and ABIGOR. But as with anything that this guy is involved with, Plague Beasts seethes with a deliriously demonic atmosphere entirely its own.


Track listing

  1. Plague Beasts
  2. White Inverted Void
  3. Translucent Body Deformities
  4. Chaos Magician of the Abyss
  5. Ash666urA
  6. Into Celestial Hell
  7. Altering Forever


Cloak Of Altering started as an unusually melodic project by a guy whose main characteristic is being noisy and chaotic as all hell. With new releases, the electronic touches began to appear. Showing a more accessible and mellow vibe (for Mories that is) but keeping a few bursts of dissonant madness here and there. Plague Beasts acts as an obvious step as more electronic and industrial influences are thrown into the mix. This makes it more balanced in terms of combining black metal and electronics. Is it more accessible because of that? Hell no. This is in fact Cloak Of Altering's most oppressive album. It's a colossal mechanical beast. - 4/5