Cloak of Altering - The Night Comes Illuminated with Death (CD)

Cloak of Altering - The Night Comes Illuminated with Death (CD)

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Mories mastermind of GNAW THEIR TONGUES & Aderlating brings you a frightening new band - 'Cloak of Altering'.

Musically the new album "The night come illuminated with death" combines the experimentations with early symphonic black metal and industrial/electronic music to devastating effect.


Track listing

  1. I Diabolus, Fallen and Vengeful
  2. Cloak of Altering
  3. The Night Comes Illuminated with Death
  4. The Lustful Farcade of the Madrigals
  5. Veil of Stars
  6. Golden Radiation Fills the Void


Apart from the renowned black metal riffing - that is actually more present this time rather than the chaotic "something" of other works - Mories offers some beautiful solos and melodic chords/ideas from time to time so as to enrich and strengthen the structural character of this project. The vocals are either volcanic eruptions through recitations or semi-grunting fumes, or they move in ecstatic shouting and screaming pathways from beyond that dance at the scissors' edge. FXs, electronics, clinical drumming, etc complete the scenery that will accompany you for about 36 minutes of bizarre evocations. - 5/5