Cnoc an Tursa - The Giants of Auld (CD)

Cnoc an Tursa - The Giants of Auld (CD)

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Cnoc An Tursa - Gaelic, meaning Hill of Sorrow. The name and cover art relates to the Callanish Stones on the west coast of Lewis. The folklore surrounding these stones talks of giants inhabiting the island who would not convert to Christianity and were cast into stone as punishment.

Epic and melodic heathen metal from Scotland with black metal influences and on songs like The Lion of Scotland you will hear some RUNNING WILD and BIG COUNTRY!!
Excellent folk / heathen / black metal, recorded at Foel with Chris Fielding (PRIMORDIAL, WINTERFYLLETH, ELECTRIC WIZARD) and featuring Bryan of BARSHASKETH on drums!



Cnoc an Tursa continue to be a fantastic band. This album is consistent, immersive, and above all, genuine. Very few metal bands can communicate quite this level of passion through their music, and I will come back to this album time and time again. Fantastic work, and one of the best releases of the year from one of the best bands to come out of Scotland. - 5/5