Cober Ord - Le chant des ruines (Digipak CD)

Cober Ord - Le chant des ruines (Digipak CD)

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Third album by the enigmatic French Pyrenean ritual ambient act created by Yann Hagimont (HABSYLL, ECCE HOMO) and Yann Arexis (LA BREICHE, STILLE VOLK, IHAN). Recorded in various natural locations throughout the mystical Pyrenean landscape, in ancient temple caves, sacred mounds and ruins using an array of acoustic and electronic sources and local field recordings. COBER ORD functions as an ode to lost ruins and mineral elements, chants summoning the rising of nature, a post-modern ritual for times of ecocide. They've weaved and channeled an exceptional soundtrack exploring the confines of matter, spirit, time and space.
Edition of 300 copies in tall A5 Digipak with 14 pages booklet.


Track listing

  1. Avant la pierre (cénotaphe)
  2. Spectres
  3. Aurore, ou le retour des oiseaux de feu
  4. Almageste
  5. La trompette de l'ange - I - Prélude
  6. La trompette de l'ange - II - Marche
  7. Le chant des ruines
  8. Après la pierre (crépuscule)