Cold in Berlin - And Yet (Digipak CD)

Cold in Berlin - And Yet (Digipak CD)

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Dark post-punk/rock.

Fed on a diet of BLACK SABBATH, SHELLAC, ELECTRIC WIZARD and SWANS, their follow-up record And Yet... erupts with wolf howls and banshee screeches. The band tear apart their doom, stoner, goth and cinematic influences showcasing the electrifying vocal range of vocalist and lyricist My as she broods, purrs and screams at the state of the world and her place in it.


Track listing

  1. Take Control
  2. ...And The Darkness Bangs
  3. The Witch
  4. Brick By Brick
  5. The Visionary
  6. Roll On In
  7. Love Is Shame
  8. John
  9. The Lie
  10. Whisper
  11. ...And Yet