Concrete Sox - Whoops Sorry Vicar (LP)

Concrete Sox - Whoops Sorry Vicar (LP)

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CONCRETE SOX hailed from Nottingham and were one of the pioneers of the whole UK Hardcore punk/thrash scene in the mid 80s. Now their second album "Whoops Sorry Vicar" is made available again in conjunction with the bands own Soxcore label and for the first time on coloured vinyl.


Track listing

  1. Prophecy
  2. No Trust, No Faith
  3. Scientific Slaughter
  4. Comparison
  5. Rumour Well Out of Hand
  6. Think Now
  7. False Insight
  8. The Dream
  9. Salt of the Earth
  10. Facts
  11. Moustache (Acting Like A Maniac)


The songs on "Whoops, Sorry Vicar!" are significantly stronger than the "Your Turn Next" material, though definitely in a similar vein. The biggest differences are that the music is even more metallic, and the vocals are a bit more aggressive, possessing a bit of a sneer and dropping some of the hints at singing. The message and overall attitude still have a hardcore/punk feel, but musically much of this stuff is leaning more towards metal, with plenty of simple breakdowns and note-based metal runs (check out the intro to "Rumour Well Out of Hand"). - 5/5