Concrete Sox - Your Turn Next (2012 Reissue) (LP)

Concrete Sox - Your Turn Next (2012 Reissue) (LP)

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CONCRETE SOX hailed from Nottingham and were one of the pioneers of the whole UK Hardcore punk/thrash scene in the mid 80s. Now their debut album "Your Turn Next" is made available again in conjunction with the bands own Soxcore label and for the first time on coloured vinyl.


Track listing

  1. Intelligence Quest
  2. Who Was The First?
  3. Eminent Scum
  4. Sustain The Orgy
  5. Ten Steps To Oblivion
  6. Each Day A New Low
  7. New Breed
  8. Salt Of The Earth
  9. Civilised
  10. Torn
  11. Your Turn Next
  12. Sadists


This is raw, thrashy UK hardcore with a much more metallic tinge than a lot of those other bands had early on. The songs mix up the tempos a lot and tend to lean towards more moderate paces, and are also way longer (averaging three to four minutes, some even longer) than those of many other crossover bands at the time. - 5/5