Concrete Winds - Primitive Force (Cassette)

Concrete Winds - Primitive Force (Cassette)

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VORUM is dead! CONCRETE WINDS is deadly!
After the outstanding mini album Current Mouth, finnish VORUM ceased to exist. But the dead can not die for they are still hungry. Up from the ashes a new phoenix rose: CONCRETE WINDS released one of the most bestial recordings ever erupting from the far north by the name Primitive Force. 25 minutes of pure blasphemy, sadism & dystopia.
In spite of the utmost shredding, thundering and screaming, this album still has musical ambitions. Where Current Mouth ended, Primitive Force starts and drives every audial aspect to the maximum. On the other hand this release keeps every layout aspect to a minimum. CONCRETE WINDS reduce everything to a lo fi, cut & paste undergroundish presentation. They set a statement and raise the middlefinger to a distraction shot from what is relevant. The pure magick of a death metal sound and gospel.
Some want to see the world burning, CONCRETE WINDS serves them a primitive torch. Available for the first time as limited music cassette


Track listing

  1. Infant Gallow
  2. Sulphuric Upheaval
  3. White Cut Manifest
  4. Primitive Force
  5. Tyrant Pulse
  6. Dissident Mutilator
  7. Volcanic Turmoil
  8. Angelic Laceration
  9. Death Transmission


...a killer debut album, continuing their ambitions from where Vorum left off and being its own unique and distinct project with a lot of promise. - 4/5